Vision & Mission

The main problems, to which this org. is concerned, are illiteracy, ignorance, unemployment, poverty, women & childcare etc. Therefore, it is visualized to minimize these problems through the essential tools of communication and learning, which is pre-condition for person’s physical, mental and economic growth. This is to ensure development of their potentials, sustainable working conditions and a harmonious living with dignity & peace.

Around 70% of Indian population is dependent on agriculture in one way or other, most of these people suffer on account of non availability of continuous employment and proper returns. To solve this gigantic problem the immediate need of the time is to ‘diversify’ the MANPOWER from agriculture to other sectors of working and employment and preparing the people by education, motivation, information and skills to change over to new avenues.

The other important aspect to be taken immediate attention at priority basis is the growing desertification receding water level, depleting forest, degradation of Environment.

Aims and Objectives

  1. Keeping in view the local & national needs promoting the education, through various languages literature, science, arts technology health and others, present and others, present and future educational systems and opening, schools, collages Trg. Institution, Hostels & hospitals, orphanage etc. with special attention of women & child development.
  2. Protection of child right, safety health and education. Combating exploitation of child labour, slavery, sale of child sexual abuse, domestic violence ; Under domestic and international laws and work for their education, training and rehabilitation.
  3. To arrange modern education and training for all round development of students & adults rural education, nationalism, social integration, besides this inculcation in them intellectual cultural and heritage values and motivating them to follow them.
  4. To help in solving the problems of development of industries, self dependence and increasing population, un employment imparting training in the field of technology and raising avenues for self employment.
  5. Development of scientific knowledge, technical expertise, modern & hereditary artistic items for village handicaps and weaker sections of the society along with their social intellectual, and rules for forestry development etc.
  6. Keeping in view the human service as basis for the development betterment of backward & poor, arrange living accommodation with clean environment, self employment, medical & health services and other civil amenities work for awareness about environment forest.
  7. To carry out all those activities for the development of society and promotion of objects of the society or the general body or the executive may find that essential, for the achievements of aims and objectives.

Utilization of Manpower

In India MAN POWER is lying idle and going waste, the urgent need is to make use of this manpower, and this requires work, for these empty hands. In case we are able to give work to this MANPOWER it will boost national economy and improve living conditions and status of the people. Keeping the above situation in view this org. has covered the following work fields.