The Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) is a pivotal institution operating under the esteemed Ministry of Textiles in India. Dedicated to the growth, promotion, and upliftment of India’s rich tapestry of handicrafts, we stand as the custodian of tradition, innovation, and artisan welfare.

Our Mission:

At the heart of our mission lies a steadfast commitment to empower and enrich the lives of Indian handicraft artisans. Through strategic interventions, proactive policies, and comprehensive developmental initiatives, we aim to preserve heritage crafts, foster sustainable livelihoods, and propel the sector towards global recognition and prosperity.


Our Role

As the apex body overseeing the realm of handicrafts, our multifaceted role encompasses several key functions:

Developmental Initiatives:

    • We spearhead a myriad of developmental schemes and programs tailored to address the diverse needs of artisans across the nation. From skill enhancement to market linkage initiatives, we strive to catalyze holistic growth and empowerment.

Promotion and Marketing:

    • Recognizing the intrinsic value of promotion, we actively promote Indian handicrafts both domestically and internationally. Through exhibitions, trade fairs, and digital platforms, we showcase the exquisite craftsmanship of Indian artisans, fostering appreciation and demand.

Policy Formulation:

    • In collaboration with stakeholders and experts, we formulate progressive policies and frameworks conducive to the growth and sustainability of the handicraft sector. Our policies aim to address challenges, leverage opportunities, and create an enabling environment for artisans to thrive.

Artisan Welfare:

      • Central to our ethos is the welfare of artisans. We implement various welfare schemes, encompassing healthcare, education, financial support, and social security, to ensure the well-being and dignity of every artisan under our purview.

Our Impact:

Over the years, our concerted efforts have yielded tangible results, transforming the landscape of Indian handicrafts. We have empowered countless artisans, enabled market access, revived dying crafts, and elevated the socio-economic status of artisan communities nationwide.

Collaborative Approach:

We recognize that the journey towards sustainable development and growth cannot be undertaken alone. Collaboration forms the cornerstone of our approach, as we partner with governments, NGOs, industry bodies, and international agencies to amplify our impact and reach.

Vision for the Future:

Looking ahead, we envision a future where Indian handicrafts shine as beacons of cultural heritage, economic prosperity, and social inclusion. Guided by innovation, inclusivity, and sustainability, we are committed to steering the handicraft sector towards greater heights of success and global recognition.

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